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What levels do we offer?

In Pilates it is important to accurately perform the execution of the exercises. In level 1 all exercises are explained in detail. This course is ideal for beginners and those who want to get back after a break. You will learn the basic classical Pilates exercises, principles and concepts and you will be able to perform them in the workout. Please note that the trial lesson has to be Level 1.

The „inbetween“- level is open to everyone. The requirements are slightly higher than at level 1, but beginners are welcome (except for first trail lesson – that has to be level 1). It could also be called a dynamic level 1. It will be included in the training classical training equipment like Magic Circle or Pilates ball.

It is assumed that you know the basic exercises, their sequence and transitions.
You will be able to carry out faster transitions and the difficulty of the exercises will increase. In addition, the repertoire will be expanded with new, intermediate exercises. This course builds on level I  and deepens your knowledge by using small equipment such as the Magic Circle, Pilates ball, rolls and other.

To train at this level you have to attend classes regularly (min. 1x per week) and the sequence of level 2 exercises are known to you. The difficulty increases and the exercises are performed more quickly, the main focus is placed on control and precision. The repertoire will be extended by challenging exercises like Teaser III and Jack Knife. Everyone who trains here is able to do his/her own bodyscan. That challenge is great fun!