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Sabrina Kunz

  • Peak Pilates® Intermediate Mat, Corepilates Berlin
  • Peak Pilates® Advanced Mat, Corepilates Berlin
  • Intro Matwork, Pilatesstandard Hamburg
  • Pilates Teacher Intenses in London with Shari Berkowitz / The Vertical Workshop
  • Peak Pilates® Chair & Barrel, Corpilates Berlin
  • Biomechanische Prinzipien I+II, Bob Liekens
  • Barrel Progressions, Bob Liekens
  • Rotated and Twisted Pelvis – Shari Berkowitz
  • Shoulder Girdle – a delicate Balance – Shari Berkowitz
  • Patellofemoral Pain – Christine Romany Ruby
  • Spinal Articulation Progressions - Shari Berkowitz
  • Wunda Chair and Spine Corrector - S.Berkowitz
  • Biomechanics und Functional Anatomy - S. Berkowitz

I was asked by a friend if I would like to try out Pilates as she needed people to practice for the exams of her own teacher training. I had no clue what it was, just knew that it has to do with movement and excercises. Back then I was in a pretty bad condition – suffering from back pain caused by scoliosis plus I had an severe car accident which was quite recent at that time with broken ribs and problems with my hip…in addition to that I was quite depressed – so things were not looking very bright!!

I agreed to my friends offer and the first session was horrible – everything hurt, I was totally stiff and out of shape but I felt that it helped! I continued practicing and after a while my body adapted to the workout and I  became more stable, strong and flexible – my back was painfree and I got totally enthusiastic about the workout!
Driven by the extrodinary results of the method I decided to become a teacher myself. Today I am very excited about sharing my knowledge and help people to get fit and to advance in their physical possibilities!

I am constantly educating myself, at the moment I take part in the Teacher Intenses Programm by Shari Berkowitz which takes place in London –  I am travelling far for excellent knowledge

Sabrina Pilatesengel