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Pilates mobil

Pilates for companies

Pilates at work – mobile workout in Berlin

A regular workout in your company is the perfect balance to office work. The Reactivation, strengthening and stretching of idle muscles causes back pain disappears – you feel more alive, fresh and are able to work with more concentration. Studies show that in companies where employees are working out regularly illness decreases. Employees are healthier and have greater endurance. Communal fitness activity increases morale, and workplace motivation. Pilates in your office will strengthen the core and esprit de corps of your business.

The courses can be held in 30, 45 and 60 min sequences. I am happy to construct an individual plan for you. Mats are provided! Contact me for a free trial lesson and any further information.

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Pilates homeservice

Contact us and we will make an individual offer for you.

You can also get your coach to your home! Either for single training or maybe you have friends with whom you want to train together? Or with your partner? The only thing you need is some space at home. We provide about 2m x 2m per person, for mats and small items (rings / balls).

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