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Pilatesengel goes Corfu

14. - 21. October 2017

Corfu retreat

Corfu is known as ‘The Green Island’, situated in the aquamarine Ionian Sea it boasts a unique combination of history, culture and natural beauty; The stunning Venetian Masterpiece UNESCO listed ‘Old Town’ is the capital of the island, and was once the Parliamentary Capital of the little known ‘Ionian Republic’. Throughout the island Venetian architecture combines with traditional Greek styles in characteristic authentic villages surrounded by amazing green forests. Corfu is beautiful and diverse, offering mountains, bays, beaches, culture and architecture, and of course a reputation for welcoming foreigners that is second to none. The combination of natural beauty, architectural character, and traditional hospitality will redefine your concept of Greece. What better place for a Pilates fitness workout?

We keep groups small and itineraries interesting. You will be able to focus your fitness with two full sessions per day and relax in any number of ways, on the beach, in the bar or a boat or a secret beach!  For the seriously healthy there are numerous forest and mountain hikes, or perhaps a visit to a fascinating monastery? It’s a week of education, adventure and wonder, which will restore your mind, strengthen your body and relax your whole being to the core! We plan send you back home; restored, relaxed and inspired!

Cost 1 week in a villa with Pilates-course (we train twice a day!) und a healthy breakfast about 800 €
If you bring a friend, both of you get a 100 € discount!
Transfere 20-30 € for airport transfer one way
Flight If you need any assistance for booking flights please contact us at or please call 0049 17678529751